. Fifth World Olympic Games  and Sports for All

. XI Tournament Memory of Włodzimierz Strzyżewski

. XXXIX International Polish Championship in Ringo

. V Individual Championships    in Ringo

. XVIII International Tournament "Wars and Sawa"


 Ringo – a sports game invented by the well-known fencer and journalist Włodzimierz Strzyżewski(MA) - has now been in existence for over 50 years  and, since 1973, as a Polish sport for everyone. From that date onwards the Polish ringo championships have been organised. Thanks to the extraordinary energy, enterprise and persistence of its inventor, as well as numerous activists, 39 International Championships of Poland8 European Championships and 5 World Championships have already taken place (last in Minsk, 2011). Moreover, several hundred competitions of various importance have been organised: from estate championships to international contests (i.e. Germany-Poland, Belarus-Poland, Lithuania – Poland, South Africa-Poland), and even World Journalists Championships. The tournaments have been organised in various countries on almost all continents...  Read more
Since 2004, the president of the International Federation of Ringo is Włodzimierz Starosta.
Since 2004, the president of Ringo Federation of Republic of Armenia, Petros Marukyan is vice-president of the International Ringo Federation.